Ignite Your Passion for Driving


Rediscover the thrill

Sit in the cockpit and you'll realize that this is no ordinary sports car. The low 400mm hip point gives you a super-sporty feel, while the steering wheel, meters, shift and parking brake levers, switches, seats and other details are designed to enhance your driving pleasure. A center point mark is provided on the upper middle part of the instrument panel so you are able to clearly determine the car's attitude and the tire's point of contact. All of these design enhancements are based on functionality, endlessly stimulating the driver's passion.


Formed by inner talents

Toyota introduced an FR layout equipped with a boxer engine as early as the 1960s. The compact Toyota Sports 800 of that time was the culmination of this technology. This unvarying 'equation', which achieves superior handling quality and vehicle stability with the driver playing the leading rote, has been passed down from generation to generation to the Toyota 86, creating today's "joy of driving.


Built by Passion

The 86 is designed to bring back the sheer exhilaration of sports car driving. It has been developed by and for people with a genuine passion for sports cars. Called the 86 partly in tribute to its predecessor, the AE86, and partly to signify its 86mm x 86mm bore and stroke.


Superior Aerodynamics characteristics

The Toyota 86 has superior aerodynamic characteristics, light body weight and high stiffness. These result in superior driving stability, and a combination of overall safety and sports car maneuverability.