Loyalty Card

Purchase your Brand New Vehicle at Toyota Calamba and score discounts with our Service Loyalty Card

Service Loyalty Campaign Mechanics
  1. Every Toyota vehicle sold by Toyota Calamba Laguna, Inc. entitles the buyer to a Service Coupon that indicates the vehicle’s conduction number and model.
  2. Presenting the Service Coupon automatically entitles the bearer to a 5% Parts price discount on parts, items or accessories. Not applicable on promo items, parts or accessories.
  3. During 1k km, 5k km, 10k km, 15k km and 20k km Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS), stickers will be attached to the Service Coupon.
  4. If no service is skipped and after all sticker slots are filled-up, the bearer can present the Service Coupon to Toyota Calamba Customer Relations Department (CRD) for conversion into a Toyota Calamba Service Loyalty Card.
  5. This Toyota Calamba Service Loyalty Card shall entitle the bearer to a 10% Parts, Accessory or Counter Item price discount. Not applicable on promo items, parts or accessories.
  6. The Service Coupon and Loyalty Card entitle the bearer to discounts for parts, items or accessories meant only for the specific vehicle indicated on the card. This privilege cannot be applied to other vehicle even if bearer or owner is the same.
  7. Tampering with and/or transferring of stickers to obtain the required number of stickers shall render the card invalid and non-replaceable.
  8. Promotion starts on January 02, 2017.
  9. Toyota Calamba Service Loyalty Card is valid for 3 years from the date of issue.
  10. The Service Coupon and Loyalty Card are privileges and not right.
  11. TCL reserves the right to cancel all card privileges or this promotion at any given time.
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